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Green coffee active pure hydrogel eye bag type eye mask

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humifort green coffee active pure hydrogel eye bag type eye mask
Dehydration, dryness, and fine lines on the eyes may be caused by excessive use of mobile phones, staying up late, staring at the screen for a long time without blinking.
[Source of Humifort Series Eye Mask]
Derived from European technology, it continuously hydrates and soothes the eye skin, making the skin hydrated, delicate and smooth.
[Ingredients] water, polyethylene glycol, agar, polyvinylpyrrolidone, coffee extract
[Auxiliary accessories] Mesh gauze layer, PET material tray and easy-to-tear film, zipper aluminum plastic bag.
【Instructions for use】
1. Tear off the aluminum-plastic bag, and take out the product containing the tray. Carefully peel off the easily tearable film, remove the product, and apply it along the eye area.
2. Each use can be up to three hours or more.
3. Repeated use instructions: After the nutrients and water are absorbed, the product becomes thin. After removing the product and soaking it in pure water for half an hour, the product returns to its original state and can be used to replenish water.
4. can not be used for trauma.
5. The use process is too short, and the water film is not completely used. You can put the product back on the tray, put it back in the zipper aluminum plastic bag, and store it in a dry and cool place. Use it again for no more than 24 hours to avoid bacterial erosion and damage to the eye skin.
[Notes] Keep in a dry and cool place to avoid contact with babies.
[Storage method] Store in a dry and cool place or refrigerate in the refrigerator.
[Content] 14g / pair, 6 pairs / box
[Cosmetics Production License] 浙妆20190018
[Executive standards]QB/T 2872
[Manufacturer] Zhejiang Weilihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
[Production Address] Meishan Town Industrial Park, Changxing County, Jianjiang
[Distributor] Shenzhen Yuezhiyun Industrial Co., Ltd.
[Tel] 400-7885-811
【Production date】
[Validity] 2 years
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