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Cooperation case

Cooperation case

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Case 1. Active hydrogel 2.0mm (artificial skin)

Non-ablation laser laser repair and soothing after cosmetic treatment

The following laser laser beauty and correction treatments can be performed

       ● Q-Switched (Spot, Tattoo, Freckle)

       ● Pulsation

       ● Half-Conductory

       ● KTP

Due to continuous waves or strong pulses during the course of treatment


Case 2. Application of beauty project

Related medical beauty items in direct contact with the skin:

       ● Laser hair removal

       ● Get rid of tattoos

       ● Remove moles

       ● Eliminate skin melanin

       The active hydrocoagulation film can moisturize the cuticle of the skin epidermis, prevent the scattering or reflection of laser lines on the skin surface, and reduce the absorption of laser energy. At the same time, excess steam and smoke on the coagulated skin tissue are removed during the laser treatment.

       When laser hair removal is performed by covering the active hydrogel, the laser sensor will only contact the sterile hydrogel, and the skin tissue and hair residue will not stick to the skin surface (only left on the hydrogel). Laser treatments show better hygiene, quality and safety.


Case 3.Application of laser ablation course

       During the laser ablation procedure, the huge energy sent to the skin tissue may lead to unexpected complications such as erythema, edema (edema), pigmentation, hypertrophic scars, and skin sensitivity.

       The active hydrocoagulation film can absorb huge thermal energy, cool the treated area, and achieve painless treatment; the risk of burns and other skin injuries will also be reduced. Hydrocoagulation film can ensure proper heat balance and moisture balance on the damaged skin surface (after treatment), and accelerate the process of epidermal regeneration and skin tissue recovery


Case 4.Application of cosmetic surgery

       During cosmetic surgery, the skin can be invasively damaged, and postoperative use of freezing, analgesia, and sterility is necessary.

       Active hydrocoagulation film can be the best dressing to protect sutured wounds after surgery for wound care. The wound after laser lipolysis (liposuction surgery) can also be covered with active hydrocoagulation film. Similarly, the product can also be applied after the removal of the eye bags (eyelid area). Its "absorption of liquid substances" can suck blood and secretions into the hydrocoagulation membrane, clean and protect the wound, and prevent bacterial infection. The secretion absorption capacity of the active hydrocoagulation membrane can reach 20ml / 100cm² wound surface. At the same time, the transparent hydrocoagulation membrane structure can directly observe the healing status of the wounded area for proper treatment.