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In the past, we have worked with the following organizations and experts to jointly develop and transform the quality and function of active pure water membranes to enhance the value of our products.
    ★ The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Medicine
    ★ Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology
    ★ Professor Janusz.M.Rosiak, former director of the Department of Applied Radiation Chemistry, University of Technology, Lodz, Poland
    ★ Dr. Barry Linder
    ★ Professor Liang Bingzhong, Director of Institute of Chinese Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    ★ Dr. Li Tianze, former president of Hong Kong Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Association
    ★ Proftssor Andrew Burd, former Director of Plastic Surgery, School of Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong
    ★ These institutions and experts have served as technical consultants for our products in the past, providing advice in their areas of expertise to improve product features and performance. Treat my company in China
    ★ After rebuilding the production base, we will re-cooperate with these institutions and experts again to study how to deepen and transform product characteristics.
In addition, we have also obtained the cooperation intention of Tsinghua University Research Institute (Shenzhen) to set up a research center in Shenzhen to jointly research innovative products. In order to take the lead in the pharmaceutical industry.