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Source of technology

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NIR Breast Oxygen Monitor

       Technical introduction:
       Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) detection technology is a non-destructive, real-time detection method that has been widely used in clinical practice. Near-infrared tissue blood oxygen detection is to calculate the local tissue by detecting the different absorption coefficients of near-infrared light by Hb and HbO2 in human tissues, based on the modified Lambert-Beer law and the diffusion equation of the interaction between tissue and steady-state near-infrared spectrum The blood oxygen saturation value accurately reflects the blood oxygen state of the local tissue.
       "Near-infrared Breast Oxygen Monitor", which uses near-infrared spectral tissue oxygen detection technology and steady-state spatial resolution algorithm to obtain blood oxygen saturation values of breast tissue in real time, and analyzes blood oxygenation of breast tissue through big data Changing trends to alert breast tissue lesions, thereby achieving "early detection and early treatment" of breast disease.
       Principle: Utilize the difference between the absorption coefficients of Hb and HbO2 in different wavelengths in the near-infrared band in human tissues, use near-infrared spectroscopy technology and the modified Lambert Beer's law to calculate the blood oxygen saturation data in the tissues.
       Algorithm: Steady-state spatial resolution algorithm (SRS) derived from the diffusion equation of the interaction between near-infrared spectrum and human tissue
       Software: Mobile APP based on Android and IOS system and background management system of cloud server.
       Function: Real-time measurement of blood oxygen saturation of breast tissue in different positions of female breasts, comparison of blood oxygen saturation data in different parts and data changes in the same part at different times, to prompt the user's breast health status.
       Advantages: non-invasive, real-time, continuous detection, easy to use, can be used for long-term breast blood oxygen monitoring.
       Detailed explanation of blood oxygen detection principle:
浙江长兴维力华能源科技有限公司    浙江长兴维力华能源科技有限公司
       Breast tumor pathological process: During tumor growth, a large number of cells proliferate, the surrounding capillaries increase, and the amount of oxygen consumption is large, and there is a phenomenon of high blood flow and low blood oxygen in the tumor area.
       Principle of near-infrared light tissue blood oxygen measurement:
       Near-infrared light enters the tissue from the light source, and its photons become a random process after being scattered once. A detector is placed at a certain distance from the light source, and the photons emitted from the position of the detector can be received.
       Schematic diagram of near-infrared light tissue blood oxygen measurement:
       Due to the strong light penetrating ability in the near-infrared band, the photons traveling in deeper tissues will be absorbed by absorbing media such as oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in the capillary of the tissue. Tissue blood oxygen saturation is calculated by a specific algorithm.

Artificial skin active pure water film

1. R & D background
       Burns and scalds: According to 2013 statistics, fires, wars, and military affairs worldwide cause more than 150,000 deaths each year.
       Diabetic foot: Diabetes causes skin ulcers and so on. It is well known that patients with diabetic foot are difficult to recover, and this disease has great harm. It poses a great threat to the health of the patient. If the cure is not good for a long time, the patient's wound will be further infected. Once severe sepsis occurs, it will endanger life and safety.
       Decubitus ulcers: skin and deep tissue damage. It has the characteristics of high morbidity, rapid development of the course of disease, difficult to cure and easy to relapse after cure.
       Military combat preparations: Product technology originates from military applications. In the Middle East War, Israel, the Polish Armed Forces, and the Iraqi Military Forces used active pure water films as medical materials in the military. Police, fire and terrorist forces used active pure water film as a first aid at the scene.
2. Traditional early treatment
Gauze, antibiotic drugs
浙江长兴维力华能源科技有限公司    浙江长兴维力华能源科技有限公司
       Problems with traditional methods:
       1.Use conventional gauze as a wound dressing
       2. Long wound healing time, painful changing dressing
       3. Thickening scar formation
3.Introduction of active pure water film
       Active pure water film is made of natural and synthetic polymer which is crosslinked by radiation in solid or liquid state. The interlaced voids after the pure water film is linked can be penetrated by the diffused solutes. Therefore, the pure water film can absorb hundreds of times its own weight of liquid in the dry state without dissolving. At the same time, it can alternately release water to the outside, providing a moist healing environment.
4. Mechanism of pure water film
       Liquid substance exchange
       1. Water release in hydrogel
       2. Simultaneously release water and suck away necrotic tissue
       3. With a huge absorption capacity, the active pure water film absorbs the necrotic cell tissue, blood water, secretions and microorganisms on the wound surface, and stores it in the chain wall structure of the pure water film. At the same time, it releases water to the wound, exchanges and cleans the wound, and creates a moist healing environment to promote the growth of epidermis and granulation tissue. The low temperature state of the active pure water film has an analgesic effect on the wound and accelerates wound healing.
5. Applications in the pharmaceutical field
       Active pure water film produced with advanced technology simplifies the treatment of burns, scalds, bedsores, skin ulcers caused by diabetes, skin tissue transplantation, skin burns after electrotherapy, various difficult-to-heal wounds after plastic surgery, and accelerates wound healing.
       Unique characteristics of active pure water gel film:
       ★ Absorb exudate and bacterial toxins
       ★ Form a barrier against infection
       ★ Reduce pain, painless replacement of dirty hydrogel
       ★ Adequate oxygen at the wounded area
       ★ Prevent excessive fluid loss
       ★ Transparent structure facilitates observation of wound healing process
       ★ Protects new granulation tissue during hydrocoagulation
       ★ Reduce the formation of scar tissue
       ★ Antigenic and allergenic
       ★ odorless
       In addition, through clinical research, we found that active pure water film can replace pig skin and cadaver skin, artificial skin for deep burns, and cover severely damaged skin (upper skin of muscles), allowing new granulation to grow and make wounds. Heal.
6.The advantages of humid environment for wound and wound healing
       1. Reduce wound dehydration and cell death (neutrophils, macrophages, fibroblasts can help promote wound healing. These cells will not thrive in a dry environment)
       2. Enhance autolytic debridement (cleansing wounds)
       3. Increase re-epithelialization (epidermal cell regeneration) (dry crusted wounds will reduce blood and nutrient supply and create a barrier that hinders cell migration and slows the growth of epidermal cells) Epidermal proliferation-epidermal cells multiply Remove the wound surface.
       4. Reduce pain (wet wound bases isolate and protect nerve endings (transmitting messages to the brain), thus reducing pain sensations.
       Wounds lacking sufficient moisture can cause surface dryness / dehydration and the appearance of gangrene (necrotic cells). This leads to a destructive cycle: In general, wounds self-debride (eliminating necrotic cells on the wound), regenerating cellular tissues to a healthy state. However, when the wound is dehydrated or dry, more necrotic cell scales will be generated and need to be continuously removed. What follows is that the wound becomes deeper and larger. Different enzymes (required for intracellular metabolic processes) can only perform autolytic debridement in a moisturizing environment. Similarly, different peptide (peptide) growth factors and other cell repair molecules will only be in the liquid state.
7.Technical partners
       In the past, we have worked with the following organizations and experts to jointly develop and transform the quality and function of active pure water membranes to enhance the value of our products.
       ★ The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Medicine
       ★ Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology
       ★ Professor Janusz.M.Rosiak, former director of the Department of Applied Radiation Chemistry, University of Technology, Lodz, Poland
       ★ Dr. Barry Linder, a renowned American ophthalmologist and CEO of Eyedetec Medical Inc
       ★ Professor Liang Bingzhong, Director of Institute of Chinese Medicine, Chinese University of Hong Kong
       ★ Former President of the Hong Kong Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Association
       ★ Proftssor Andrew Burd, former director of plastic surgery at the Chinese University School of Medicine and Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong
       ★ These agencies and experts have served as technical advisors to our products in the past, providing advice in their areas of expertise to improve product features and performance. Treat my company in China
       ★ After rebuilding the production base, we will re-cooperate with these institutions and experts to study how to deepen the transformation of product characteristics.
       In addition, we have also obtained the cooperation intention of Tsinghua University Research Institute (Shenzhen) to set up a research center in Shenzhen to jointly research innovative products. In order to take the lead in the pharmaceutical industry.
8. Clinical trials conducted by foreign institutions in the past