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NIR Breast Oxygen Monitor

       Technical introduction:
       Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) detection technology is a non-destructive, real-time detection method that has been widely used in clinical practice. Near-infrared tissue blood oxygen detection is to calculate the local tissue by detecting the different absorption coefficients of near-infrared light by Hb and HbO2 in human tissues, based on the modified Lambert-Beer law and the diffusion equation of the interaction between tissue and steady-state near-infrared spectrum The blood oxygen saturation value accurately reflects the blood oxygen state of the local tissue.
       "Near-infrared Breast Oxygen Monitor", which uses near-infrared spectral tissue oxygen detection technology and steady-state spatial resolution algorithm to obtain blood oxygen saturation values of breast tissue in real time, and analyzes blood oxygenation of breast tissue through big data Changing trends to alert breast tissue lesions, thereby achieving "early detection and early treatment" of breast disease.
       Principle: Utilize the difference between the absorption coefficients of Hb and HbO2 in different wavelengths in the near-infrared band in human tissues, use near-infrared spectroscopy technology and the modified Lambert Beer's law to calculate the blood oxygen saturation data in the tissues.
       Algorithm: Steady-state spatial resolution algorithm (SRS) derived from the diffusion equation of the interaction between near-infrared spectrum and human tissue
       Software: Mobile APP based on Android and IOS system and background management system of cloud server.
       Function: Real-time measurement of blood oxygen saturation of breast tissue in different positions of female breasts, comparison of blood oxygen saturation data in different parts and data changes in the same part at different times, to prompt the user's breast health status.
       Advantages: non-invasive, real-time, continuous detection, easy to use, can be used for long-term breast blood oxygen monitoring.
       Detailed explanation of blood oxygen detection principle:
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       Breast tumor pathological process: During tumor growth, a large number of cells proliferate, the surrounding capillaries increase, and the amount of oxygen consumption is large, and there is a phenomenon of high blood flow and low blood oxygen in the tumor area.
       Principle of near-infrared light tissue blood oxygen measurement:
       Near-infrared light enters the tissue from the light source, and its photons become a random process after being scattered once. A detector is placed at a cert