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Scar Patch (Medical Cold Patch)

Continuous absorption of exudates to prevent wound infection

Accelerates healing and reduces scar formation

Soothes pain and cools down

Green coffee eye active gel film

Dry fatigue

Fine lines under the eyes

Eliminate edema

Zhejiang Weilihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Weilihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Hyaluronic Acid Firming Pure Hydrogel Film

Plump smooth repair

Hydrating Pink Tartare pigment

Epidemic Area

Masks disposable glove disinfectant

Protective Mask

Source of pure water eye mask

High molecular pure water film derived from European painless healing technology

European painless wound healing technology refers to isolating bacterial invasion through hydrogel wound sticks, keeping the wound moist, absorbing wound exudate, painlessly removing softened necrotic tissue, and promoting wound healing.

Traditional gel mask

Raw material composition

The composition of the mask is complex. For example, it contains ingredients such as drugs and hormones. The gel action is chemically cross-linked. New impurities are introduced, and product safety cannot be guaranteed.

Product performance

The product has strong elasticity and brittleness, low mechanical strength, short rehydration time, low moisture content, and the product can be easily contaminated.


Pure water film

Raw material composition

Polymer pure water film, raw materials are non-toxic and harmless materials, the product has good biocompatibility, low cell toxicity, cross-linking by irradiation, the product is pure and pollution-free.

Product performance

The mechanical strength of the product is greatly improved, the hydration time is long, the skin moisture is continuously replenished, and the disposable packaging of the product is more hygienic and safe.

Dry must be pure water film structure

The stem must be a pure water film that does not contain ingredients that exert pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects. It consists of a backing layer, a gel layer, a mesh layer, and a cover layer. The gel layer is composed of water, polyethylene glycol, agar, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and chlorhexidine.

The main components of the hydraulic film layer

· The main raw material of hydrogel layer is imported high molecular polymer and purified water
· Unique polymer network structure, nano-level pore size, water content up to 85% or more, can be used for skin hydration.

The water of the hydrogel film is processed by the RO-EDI pure water system, which contains absolutely no harmful components. The RO-EDI pure water system is also required to verify the continuity and effectiveness of its functions by qualified companies every year. In addition, the water treated by the RO-EDI pure water system has also been tested according to the requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia to ensure absolute sterility.

Working principle

According to the transdermal absorption principle, the eye mask is applied based on the principle of transdermal absorption, using the polymer gel layer to evaporate water and transdermal absorption to stimulate nerve endings to produce a cold sensation, shrink blood vessels, reduce swelling and analgesia, replenish eye and skin moisture, and relieve eyes fatigue.

Transdermal absorption includes three phases of release, penetration and absorption.

Keratinocytes through the intact epidermis and their intercellular spaces are the main pathways for their absorption. Water-soluble and polar substances diffuse through the keratinocytes, and fat-soluble and non-polar substances diffuse through the lipid bilayer of the intercellular space.

PermeabilityQiangan is an eye patch that can slowly release water molecules and absorb through the skin around the eyes and the skin of the eyelids to penetrate into the eyes to relieve dry eyes and fatigue.

ExchangeabilityAnother must-have feature of eye protection patches is exchangeability. Its pure water film can convert and absorb high concentration to low concentration, and eliminate harmful and blocking eye obstacles.

Eye patches can penetrate to relieve dryness, fatigue, and eliminate obstacles. Due to its remarkable healing effect, it has a good cosmetic effect on dark circles, bags under the eyes and fine lines formed by the lack of water on the skin caused by blocked capillaries around the adult eyes

Scope of application

It is suitable for alleviating and alleviating discomfort such as visual fatigue, dry eyes, astringent eyes, eye pain caused by excessive use of eyes, such as work, study, surfing the Internet, driving, staying up late, etc.

Scope of application
Scope of application

The 53 people who participated in the eye mask trial test all had different levels of eye problems: dark circles, eye lines, eye bags, and eye fatigue. After 28 days of trial use of dry eye mask products, up to 52 people have been relieved of eye fatigue, of which 5 people feel improved vision; 13 people have lightened dark circles; 27 people have lightened fine lines; 35 people have lightened eyes. . The success of this test proved that Qianbi is the efficacy of the product.